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CosmeticB is a brand of ThanksAmerica, and ThanksAmerica isn't a brand name only, but it is a registered sole proprietorship business name under UBI-604213194 in Seattle, WA.  Since 2013, ThanksAmerica has been providing paid and unpaid web consulting services to institutions, free information and referral services and free training of computers and adaptive hardware/software to people with special abilities (Http://www.ThanksAmerica.US).  Now, ThanksAmerica has expanded its business to include CosmeticB.  Therefore, CosmeticB.com and ThanksAmerica.US are online service providers, and they are brands of ThanksAmerica.

CosmeticB is in its early stage just start in the year of 2018.  CosmeticB Mission is to obtain and provide high quality super stylish beauty makeup and tools by reasonable price to all people through extensive product or market research.  CosmeticB works hard to find products from this planet that deliver results to ensure that customers get quality products they can believe in at a price they can afford.  From makeup favorites to skincare, hair care, face, eyes, lip, the range is influenced by products that our customers want and love.

In a typical day, Girmay Micael (owner of ThanksAmerica), and Banna (his daughter) invest their time and energy and conduct extensive research to bring products that meet the highest standards of quality, safety and performance.  Customer satisfaction isn’t a one-time event, it’s a life-long commitment; hence, CosmeticB works to provide healthy, natural, high-performing beauty products at affordable prices to different level of classes.

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If you have questions, comments or concerns about the content within CosmeticB.com, don’t hesitate to contact us at HR@CosmeticB.com, or via telephone at (206)-6295411

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